Alaska Wildlife Rescue is in dire need of wildlife release sites. Your land could offer a second chance and a new home for some of the many animals we have rescued.

Alaska Wildlife Rescue releases hundreds of animals back into the wild every year. In order to prevent overcrowding, we are unable to use the same sites over and over again. In saying so, we are constantly searching for new pieces of property available for rescued wildlife to inhabit. Offering your land will ensure that these animals will have a safe place to live and thrive their natural habit, once again. If you own 10 acres of land or more, please review the criteria listed below to see if your land may qualify.

Please complete the Release Authorization Form below if you are interested in donating your land to be used as a release area. We will contact you within the next 24 hours to schedule a site visit. It is our duty to ensure that each piece of property is pre-screened and found suitable as a release site. These beautiful animals shouldn’t have to be stripped from their homes, for good, and offering your property as a release site ensures that that will not happen.

Alaska Wildlife Rescue Release Site Volunteer

A protected release site meets the following criteria:

  • The property is privately owned.
  • Hunting and trapping is not allowed on the property and preferably does not occur on surrounding lands.
  • There is a year-round water source available.
  • It does not have a high fence.
  • There is an abundance of vegetation and trees.
  • The property is not near high traffic or densely populated areas.
  • You are willing to allow us to conduct a site visit to determine which species are appropriate for your area.
  • When it is time for a release, you’re available to give our staff access to the property.
  • In some cases, we will ask the landowners to provide supplemental food and water to the animals for the first week while they adjust to their new home.