Our team and the animals we care for are in constant need of supplies. Your contributions keep us going!

Alaska Wildlife Rescue is in constant need of supplies due to the ever increasing amount of animals that we rescue. We want to ensure that we can and will always continue to provide safe and sanitary conditions for them and our team while they are in our care. This is extraordinarily important for us and the abundance of wildlife that we deal with on a daily basis.

Below you will find a list that covers a variety of supplies and items that our organization is in need of constantly, in order to maintain and care for our injured and orphaned wildlife:

Alaska Wildlife Rescue Amazon Wish List
Many items can be viewed and purchased through our Amazon Wishlist.

Medical/Animal Care

Plastic boxes with covers (shoebox size and larger – we require covers with locking mechanisms)
Hand sanitizer
Eye wash – saline
Plastic 6×9 clipboards
Non shut-off heating pads -(we need models that don’t have an automatic shut-off – Sunbeam is one brand)
Bottles of alcohol/ hydrogen peroxide
Surgical towels
Concrete bird baths/small pools
Pool skimmer
45 gallon airtight bins
Misting units
Digital gram scale
Hanging Bird feeders
48oz glass water bottles
Advent brand bottle warmer
Non-toxic bug spray
Dri-Dek rubber mats
Sterile gauze (2×2 or 4×4)
6” long cotton-tipped applicators
Rubber-maid Tupperware square (2c. or 3c)
Dawn dish detergent
Bungee Cords
2″ screws for nest boxes
Quick Stop (styptic powder)
Batteries — AA, D
Masking tape – 1″, 2″, or 3
Baby blankets/receiving blankets
Fleece throw blankets
Small animal plastic igloos
Digital kitchen timers
digital indoor/outdoor thermometer/hygrometers

Maintenance Supplies

Shovels, hoes, rakes
Sheers, clippers, gardening tools
Heavy duty hoses/nozzles
Large plastic storage bins
Wire cutters
Extension cords
Floodlight bulbs
3000 psi pressure washer
Tree trimmer/cherry-picker for rescues
Building supplies
Dremel Rotary Tool
Home Depot or Lowe’s gift cards
CB home base radio
Utility trailer
Caution tape
Remote, wildlife tracking cameras
Rain gear
16′ A frame ladder
Safety vest
Traffic cones

Miscellaneous Items

Pet Carriers (plastic kennel type, especially for medium/larger breeds, specifically those with a grated top and clamshell opening)
Standard replacement heat lamp bulbs
Large cleaning brushes (for cage cleaning)
Batteries (various)
Rechargeable batteries and charger
Moist/dry heating pad & heat lamps
Light bulbs and CFL’s
Large and small nail clippers (human)
Small cat nail clippers
Flat sheets, blankets, pillow cases
Spray bottles (new)
Ziploc bags
Clothespins (wooden or plastic)
Trash bags (33 gal) and Husky contractor bags
Durable bowls/dishes (stainless steel, dog/cat dishes, airline trays)
Kitty litter trays
Measuring cups
Kiddie pools
First-aid care (Band-Aids, etc.)
Unopened distilled vinegar
Natural wood bird perches
Lightweight dinghy
Rubber boots

Office Supplies

8 x 10 printer paper
LCD Projector
Black sharpies

Please contact us if you have items you would like to drop off at our office in Wasilla, Alaska.