Alaska’s wildlife is being displaced by a growing population and encroaching development, which results in injured and orphaned wild animals in need of assistance. Alaska Wildlife Rescue is the voice for animals in need.

Alaska Wildlife Rescue Mission

To rescue Alaskan wildlife from life threatening situations, to transport injured animals to veterinary and rehabilitation center throughout Alaska, to organize foster care for orphaned wild animals, to reintroduce previously injured and orphaned animals back into the wild and to educate children and adults about the value of Alaska’s native animals.

Alaska Wildlife Rescue Founder

Keith Lange Alaska Wildlife Rescue FounderKeith Lange’s extensive background in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation comes from 23 years of managing a wildlife reserve in Merrill, Wisconsin (1982-2005). During this time, an abundance of wildlife was looked after and managed under rehabilitation permits. A few of the species cared for at the Reserve included larger game, such as black bear, numerous species of deer, and Roosevelt Elk. Additionally, there was also an abundance of smaller animals, which included porcupines, Red and Silver foxes, owls, and waterfowl. All animal- care was maintained by the local Veterinarian, Gary Egenbretson. Dr. Egenbretson assisted with immunizations, wound care, birthing complications, and any other medical condition in need of attention. Furthermore,  Keith graduated from the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Upon graduation, he earned his degree in Wildlife Management and  Environmental Law Enforcement. Some of his additional experience includes working for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a Biologist and wildlife trapper. This skill was required for collaring wolves during the Timber Wolf recovery program of 1986. Keith is also the owner of Varmint Gone LLC, which specializes in no-kill and humane catch and release and he is a primary figure throughout wildlife control in Alaska, Wisconsin, and the Carolinas.

Alaska Wildlife Rescue Facilities

Alaska Wildlife Rescue works closely with the following facilities: